About the Global Research Map

Global Research Map

The Global Research Map project grew out of an idea from the NOC Advisory Council for the National Science Foundations’ International Network Research Connections (IRNC) program as a way to show a dynamic overview of major research networks and their interconnects around the world. The Map is based on the GlobalNOC Atlas project which is a JavaScript library for visualizing Networks and their live data. The Global Research Map uses the Atlas JavaScript library and a custom backend for storing and retrieving the different map layers.

The motivation for this project is to allow science research coordinators to better understand the facilities involved, and to help show the role R&E networks play in the enabling of science and discoveries. It also shows how the R&E world is connected through the people, instruments, compute and storage around the World. GRM's goal is to provide a platform to facilitate network research and advocate for global infrastructure to aid with modern scientific endeavors, and eventually create a service and suite of tools to help collavoratively maintain these maps.

Learn how your network could participate in the Global Research Map here.

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